‘Fragrance your home naturally with our range of beautiful fragrances

Our carefully prepared fragrances are all made with pure essential oils

Our natural home fragrance products include diffusers, room mists and soy candles
in 3 heavenly fragrances

Transports you to a place of peace & tranquility

 Our Serenity blend combines the best of these qualities into a feminine, floral aroma, to fill
your home with fragrance, a sense of calm and well being


  • Geranium essential oil creates harmony & balance, works wonders on the mind,
    body and spirit

  • Lavender essential oil calms the soul, relieves anxiety and depression

  • Sweet orange, known as the happy oil, lifts the mood



Our Zest blend will give you a new lease on life and fill your home with a fresh,
invigorating & energising aroma


  •  Lemongrass essential oil revitalises body and mind, invigorates, energises, refreshes and awakens

  • A hint of sweet orange essential oil is added to enhance the mood lifting properties and make you smile



When you need to revitalise and invigorate

Our Blossom home fragrance products will fill your home with the aromas of
a citrus orchard on a spring day


  • Sweet orange essential oil uplifts the mood, brings joy and radiance

  • Known as the ‘happy’ oil for its ability to bring harmony & contentment, radiance & tranquillity



Bring happiness and harmony into your home

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